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This tutorial on how to draw Jar Jar is for kids and kids at heart! It's simple and easy to do, so pull out your pencils and follow these easy instructions!
Step 1
Draw a roughly diamond shaped blob very lightly in the middle of your paper. This is the basic shape of Jar Jar's head.
Step 2
Erase the bottom of the diamond blob and draw a warped U shape for Jar Jar's nose. Add two little lines at the end of this U for his cheeks. Draw a line down the middle of the face and a little bump at the tip of his nose. This makes Jar Jar look a little more 3D
Step 3
Add two upside down 'U's on the top of Jar Jar's head for his eye stalks. Add a small curve under his nose to make the bottom of his mouth.
Step 4
Erase part of the diamond blob underneath Jar Jar's eyestalks and give him some eyes. This is where we add Jar Jar's Nostrils, they are placed on either side of the up and down line in the centre of his head.
Step 5
Let's give Jar Jar a neck! Draw two slightly curved lines from Jar Jar's nose like in the picture to the left. Also add two little bumps on the outside of Jar Jar's eyestalks near the top.
Step 6
What's a gungan without his floppy ears? Add two lines from the bottom of his eyestalks that curve outwards to form the outside shape of Jar Jar's ears. Add a little bit of shading on his nose and a line in the middle of his neck.
Step 7
We're almost there! Add two more curved lines at about the same angle as the first one. The one closest to the first line is the inside of Jar Jar's ear ridge, the second one is for the floppy look.
Step 8
Add some detail to Jar Jar's ears and voila! Our Jar Jar is now complete!

Now you can colour Jar Jar or draw a body.. to draw the body, look at your Jar Jar action figure or a picture of Jar Jar and follow the tips below!

Drawing Tips:
Everything can be drawn with shapes and lines. If you're going to give Jar Jar a body, look at your action figure or picture of Jar Jar carefully and lightly draw the shapes that make up his body, kind of like we did with the diamond blob in the beginning. Practice drawing your pet, your parent's car, a pop can, anything! They can all be drawn with shapes!

To get the dark lines like I have here, draw lightly with a pencil and then go over the main lines with a black felt pen or a thin tipped black marker. Wait for the black ink to dry and then carefully erase your pencil lines.

This Jar Jar was coloured using a program called Adobe Photoshop. It's a very complex and expensive program and can be kind of hard to use. If you want to play around with some computer colouring, download a cool program called Paintshop pro. This link will take you to their homepage but make sure it's okay to install it before downloading.

Don't worry if you have to look at a photo or a toy to draw something properly. This is called using reference and many, many artists do this. So long as you don't trace the picture you'll be among the best! If you use reference, experiment a little bit by changing where the hands are, the facial expression or whatever you like to add your own little touch.

Have Fun!

If you're looking for more Star Wars characters to draw, then I suggest Star Wars Kids magazine. I do some work for them, and it really is a good magazine for Kids and kids at heart, and it's more than just Star Wars too. If you want to get it, tell your parents you can get it at shop.starwars.com or if you're an adult, you can go there and check it out.

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