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December 11, 2004 - A Dug Sith, a holiday card and a metric buttload of other stuff. Check the NEW ART section, the others haven't been updated in lightyears.

Adi Gallia Welcomes you Greetings, sentients, and welcome to the art gallery that makes Amara's Cantina a popular place to visit by beings from all over the galaxy.

Within this gallery there is artwork based on Star Wars: Episode 1, the Classic Star Wars trilogy and miscellaneous art based on roleplaying characters and other strange influences.

There is a section dedicated to my Star Wars Kids art, which is posted with permission of Lucasfilm.

I work mainly with pencil, ink and brush with digital colouring but you will also find works here that are watercolour paintings, digital paintings or rough pencil sketches.

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Amaravisions- for Amy's non Star Wars art

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