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Send Some email
I receive alot of email and I don't always have the time to answer it. Before you send an email, please read over this FAQ first. If you'd like to know something that isn't on this list, I'll try my best to answer your mail swiftly.

Will you draw me a picture?
Unfortunately I don't have the time to do requests for people, sorry. I'm juggling keeping the web page updated and doing work and freelance stuff so I barely have time for myself!

I'll pay you!
Due to legal reasons I can't get paid to do Star Wars art (Unless you're an official licensee and contracts are signed, of course). If you have a need for non Star Wars art, we can try to negotiate something.

Will you look at my artwork?
I try to look at web pages that people send me, but sometimes I don't get around to it. I'm sorry if I don't get back to you. :)

Can you give me some drawing tips?
The best advice I can give you is advice that has been given to me by other artists... draw what you see! Nothing will work better for your art by doing some life drawing. I've taken figure drawing courses, and painting classes and every little bit helps. Don't be afraid to use a medium you're not used to and don't be afraid to try new things. Sure, you'll make alot of mistakes, but that's part of the learning process.

hey, where does the name Amara come from? Is it your real name?
No, Amara isn't my real name. it started out as an alias for a fox character I played and it became synonymous with my art in mid to late 96. People became to know me as Amara and so the name stuck. I got the name from a New Mutants comic, it's the real name of Magma.

Of course, I still like receiving email even if I don't answer it all! Send me some email!

Do not redistribute any of this site's content without permission. All Star Wars characters, ships and elements are © & ® 2000 Lucasfilm Limted. Some Licensed Lucasfilm art is posted with permission of Lucasfilm LTD. All content, art and characters not contained in the official Star Wars universe are © 2000 Amy Pronovost. If you have any questions or comments regarding Amara's Cantina and its contents, please send email to amara@flyingarmadillo.com