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Imperial Funnies Filk Songs The Star Wars galaxy can be really fun to make fun of sometimes. As with any type of SF, parodies can be fairly easy to come by. On this page I have very original humour done by either myself or by close friends.

Imperial Funnies is a series of 1-2 panel cartoons spurred by a rather boring microbiology lesson and helped along by a good friend, Brian Choo. They are an exclusive to Amara's Cantina, so please don't repost them anywhere.

There are also two filk songs here. One is written by Dr Craig Hilton, from Western Australia and the other is written by myself.

I choose you, Palpachu! Silliness inspired by many Pokémon/Star Wars related conversations.

Who's the Stinkiest Jedi Master of them all? Find out with this funny cartoon. Plerase do not post this on your web site.

Episode 1: The PANTom Menace.. you'll laugh, you'll cry... you'll.. oh, just click on the link :)

This is reprinted from an editorial I did for theforce.net, here is:
The Star Wars Fan's guide to Dating!

If you're looking for more warped stuff, House of Skywalker is pretty twisted! Have fun!

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