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Please excuse these slightly barren shelves, this gallery is in the making! Fopp'Na'La textiles will have more fashions as soon as we recieve them. Please, don't turn back quite yet, for we do have something for you to view, although it is the most modest of collections.

First, like the ever popular Luke fashions, one needs the Leia doll on which to model the glorious fashions.

 Hoth outfit Be cozy and warm in this darling snowsuit. Comes with Gloves and boots.

 The Ewok Villiage Gown For the longest time I have wondered how those floofly little fuzzballs managed to tailor such an amazing garment, but they did it! This is perfect for those quaint little gatherings on rustic, primitive worlds. One hundred percent Endorian floogharth hide.

Princess Leia's Exquisite white gown. This simple, yet elegant dress, is made from the finest in Ryloth silk. The belt about the waist is sheer metal elegance and the shoes.. well, they are truly a masterpiece in themselves! It comes complete with a stormtrooper rifle, perfect for storming those Death Stars.

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