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These are links to homepages I've found useful or interesting, or have good archives of Star Wars goodies.All of the links here are to sites that I find particularly nifty, useful or just plain fun.

Wizards of the Coast Star Wars RPG Find out about the Star Wars RPG here!

 TheForce.net *The* place for up to date Star Wars information. Prequel information, interviews, roleplaying, humour, original 3D animation... this place is a must see!

Rebel Friends A Kids only Star Wars page that I am doing the artwork for. :)

Aaron Allston's Wraith Squadron FAQ I have a piece of art on this page, as described in Star Wars Galaxy Collector Magazine! (Thanks Aaron!)

Bungo & Rusti This online comic strip was once slated to be a part of the West End Games adventure journal. It's a great, fun comic strip and well worth a look. Mm.. Bantha Biscuits!

Ask Yoda You simply MUST go here. This site is great! You need the latest version of shockwave, but man is it funny.

Star Wars - Realities beyond the myth  A really cool look at Star Wars in the real world, without technical nitpicking. This is part of the EXN website, which is  Canada's Discovery channel site. Real neat!

Aaron Allston's Home Page Aaron has written the latest X-Wing novels based on Wraith Squadron.

Hasbro's Star Wars Home Page Toys. :)

A hitchhiker's guide to Star Wars. Wow, there's alot of stuff on this page.

Links to The Star Wars Galaxy Hundreds of Star Wars links, wow.. information overload. ;)

The Official rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc homepage! The official page based on the usenet group of the same name.

The Official Star Wars Page Lots of cool and official information, including Star Wars trailer downloads.

Adam Casey's Star Wars Page A Star Wars page with lots of general stuff!

Obi Ewan McGregor An Ewan Mcgregor site with a Star Wars tilt to it. Drool, I say ;)

Star Wars Trilogy Arcade page - This is the official site for the Star Wars arcade game.

Shop.starwars.comThis is where you can buy lots of Star Wars stuff including Star Wars Insider, Star Wars Kids magazine and merchandise.

Paul Ens's Star Wars:Special Edition Annotations Probably the best Special Edition page out there.

The Star Wars Collectors Archive This is an absolutely amazing page. Ever wanted to see the prototype artwork for The Missile Firing Boba Fett or want the news on hoaxes? Go here!

Yakface's realm! Toys and collectables, dig it man! :

The Tantive IV This is an awesome page! Great lay-out, and it is interesting to boot!

The Prequels - Virtual Edition This is a totally cool prequels page, very original.

POFToo!!! This site is Hilarious!

The Shaven Wookie Web Page I can't explain this one, you have to see it yourself. :)

Star Wars Stick figures Now THIS is probably the coolest Star Wars site I have ever seen! (giggle!)

Toshi Station A very, very funny page.

ECHO STATION - the Online Emag for Star Wars Fans Now this is great, its a huge online Magazine.

H. Ed Cox illustrations and designs A fine artist of SF and Fantasy works. Some of his Star Wars pieces are on this page.

Jawa Force An Excellent Online Comic!

STAR WARS Fan Fiction by Brendon J. Wahlberg This is Excellent Fan Fic.

The Wedge Antilles Home Page A very cool page devoted to my favourite rebel, Wedge Antilles.

Gonkite's Groovy Grotto Everything you wanted to know abouy the Gonk religion.. :)

Gonk...the box, the myth. Yet another Gonk page, but I couldn't resist it with a name like that.

The Boba Fett Multimedia Vault This is a very cool Boba Fett page. Art, sounds, you name it, it's there.

Palpatine Family Website This is a really cool page devoted to The Emperor and his ilk.

The Stormtrooper Bunker Davin Felth's Stormtrooper page.

Lobot's International House of Funk A cool Lobot page. :)

The Top 10 Reasons Why Mara Jade Rules You Guessed it.. Mara Jade! :)

Leia, Leia, Leia Usher's Leia page. For anyone that loves Leia, pictures and all.

Leia's Metal Bikini Another neat Leia Page.

The Greedo Page This is a _really_ cool page. And funny too.

Clone Wars MUSH Homepage The official homepage of Clone Wars MUSH

Home of the Lost Star Warriors Mark Hudson's Marvel Comics Star Wars RPG page.

Jessalyn Valios This is a page devoted to a character of one of the various Star Wars MU* out there, *great* art.

The Chaos Crew and some Dead Jawas RPG scenarios and stories. Very cool.

Dan Wallace's Star Wars Planet Guide A neat little guide to the planets

Please note that from about here on the web pages are only loosely Star Wars based at best. Most are web pages run by people I have met because of Star Wars.

The Unofficial RASSM Page This is the unofficial site, run by Rakelle of rassm. Humour and rassm info.

The RASSM WebRing Home Page How to join the rassm web-ring.

Usher's Rassm Pages RASSM's Usher tells us all about everyone else on RASSM, birthdays, locations, the whole bucket of Kippers.

The voices of rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc Arlene's collection of rassm .wavs.

Do not redistribute any of this site's content without permission. All Star Wars characters, ships and elements are © & ® 2000 Lucasfilm Limted. Some Licensed Lucasfilm art is posted with permission of Lucasfilm LTD. All content, art and characters not contained in the official Star Wars universe are © 2000 Amy Pronovost. If you have any questions or comments regarding Amara's Cantina and its contents, please send email to amara@flyingarmadillo.com