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Like Skywalker Fashions Princess Leia Gallery Give the Ewok a hat To Link Index Ah yes, Luke Skywalker. Hero of the New Republic and all around Snazzy dresser. In this corner of the boutique you will find all of his fashions from his farmboy beginnings to his heroic status. It makes me giddy just thinking about it!

You may take the garments from the rack and display them on our rather handsome Luke Skywalker doll who is tastefully dressed in some absolutely cute Boba Fett underoos!

With no further adieu, the fashions!

Hoth Ensemble A hot ensemble for those cool planets, this will keep you toasty and warm under even the most advese of conditions. Comes with optional Taun-Taun for that authentic Hoth feel!

Bespin Outfit Due to popular demand, this simple yet smart outfit as worn by Luke Skywalker on Bespin. With false detachable left hand!

Dagobah Outfit A truely stunning simple outfit, perfect for any swamp planet!

Endor Cape As an accessory for the Jedi Knight ensemble, we have this _absolutely_ snazzy camo cape and helmet.

Jedi Knight Ensemble A Stunning and handsome black ensemble for those who wish to use the force in Style.Comes with optional cape for a truly dramatic effect!

Farmboy Outfit Oh! What a stunningly simple but effective use of sandy tones! This little number is perfect for those withing to travel to a desert world wearing the ultimate in Skywalker fashion!

This Stormtrooper Armour is an exact replica of that worn by our handsome Jedi in his daring rescue of Princes Leia from the neferious Death Star. This is not reccomended to be worn, as it may result in blaster damage, but what a conversation piece!

Luke's X-Wing jumpsuit A favourite of pilots everywhere, the orange flightsuit provides protection against the elements and can be sealed to withstand the vacuum of space for up to two hours. Perfect for anyone that has wanted to get into Luke's flightsuit!

Award Ceremony Outfit. Skywalker wore this when he recieved an award of heroism for his aid in destroying the Death Star. The style of jacket has recently come back into fashion and so this is a doubly handsome outfit and it is certain to turn heads at any social gathering.

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