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About the Proprietor

I was born at a very young age in Sudbury General Hospital, late April, 1975. I don't remember much about Star Wars when it first came out other than the fact that I didn't see it and I wanted to because my older cousins saw it. I didn't get fully hooked on Star Wars until Return of the Jedi but Empire Strikes Back was one of the first grownup movies that I saw. I don't remember much from the screening except that the Wampa scared the daylights out of me and I thought Boba Fett was pretty neat.

During my teenage years I had all but forgotten about Star Wars. My family moved from Canada to Australia and so Star Wars was lost in the shuffle. I rediscovered Star Wars when I got a job at a comic shop, I picked up the Dark Empire trade paperback, a bunch of Tales of the Jedi Comics and the rest is history.

At the moment my day job involves graphic design and occasionally I do a little illustration on the side. My current official Star Wars credits include Star Wars Kids magazine and sketch cards in the upcoming ROTS card set by Topps!

Location: Thunder Bay Ontario, ie.. the middle of just about nowhere.

Super Deformed Me Occupation: Graphic Designer. I absolutely love it.
I have done Freelance art for Star Wars Kids magazine. See the art section for a sample.

Hobbies: Artwork of any kind, knitting, frolicking in the snow, World of Warcraft, tabletop roleplaying, reading etc. geek things ;)

Favourite Cookie: My absolutely perfect home made chocolate chocolate chip cookies.

Birthday: April 28

Car: I go through cars like some people eat candy. Right now I have a sporty little 1993 Ford Festiva.

Favourite Ewok: Teebo :D

Do not redistribute any of this site's content without permission. All Star Wars characters, ships and elements are © & ® 2000 Lucasfilm Limited. Some Licensed Lucasfilm art is posted with permission of Lucasfilm LTD. All content, art and characters not contained in the official Star Wars universe are © 2000 Amy Pronovost. If you have any questions or comments regarding Amara's Cantina and its contents, please send email to amara@flyingarmadillo.com