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Artyewok with Sketch CardsJanuary 12 , 2005

I have a great announcement to make! I have been honoured with being chosen to draw some Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith sketch cards for the upcoming Topps set. When the cards are released, I'll be posting some scans, so keep your eyes peeled.

This is so cool :D

December 11, 2004

*Tap Tap* Is this thing on? It has almost been three years to the day since I have updated the site. In those three years I've finished a Graphic Design diploma and not really done a whole lot of Star Wars art. Until recenrly. I have a new dsign for the Cantina, I have since around October 2001, but my free time vanished when I had homework to do.

So, hey, have some art. Uh.. the categories are going to change from what the pieces are to the type (B&W, Colour etc) eventually. Hopefully. I'm working on getting the Flying Armadillo Productions page up to speed first.

Happy holidays, may it not be abother three years between updates! :D

December 13, 2001

My semester is over and I have added some new art. I should have more as time goes on. To celebrate the holidays, here is the holiday desktop I created last year! Click on the ewoks or get it here!

Check out the art gallery for some new art, including some kid-style sketches.

September 3, 2001

One of the Character sketches It has been a while, but here is an update! I am at school now, studying Graphic Design/Illustration so hopefully there will be more cool stuff coming soon.

I have some character sketches that you can use on your character sheets for the Star Wars RPG that I whipped up as well as a medieval Gungan. You can find them in the gallery. I plan on having more RPG sketches sooner or later. They're very therapeutic to draw.

June 9, 2001

Another tiny update! It's not that I haven't been drawing, but that I've been doing many unfinished pieces. I still have to finish that Rodian! Added this time are an Ewok and Amara Fox as a Padawan. Groove on over to the art gallery

May 1, 2001

Updates have been few and far between, but I have been drawing. This update there is a coloured sketch of a generic, Jar Jar like gungan and a work in progress of a Rodian Jedi. Check it out in the art gallery

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