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Groovy, Baby!If you'd like to find out about me, you've come to the right place! My name is Amy Pronovost although I am known to many as 'Amara'. Amara started out as one of my character names (the fox that you can see scattered about) but the name became associated with me and Amara became less of a character and more as a way to draw myself without having to worry about getting my human features right.

Here is a self portrait of Amy the Human... super deformed. This was for my bio on the Star Wars Fanboy Association web page, but I thought I'd put a link to it here.

I am currently working as a Graphic Designer in Thunder Bay and Iam a graduate of Georgian College's Graphic Design course. I love typography! I also do some freelance artwork and have done some in the past for the official Star Wars Kids magazine. I'm so happy to have the opportunity to do Star Wars stuff, if you've ever been to Amara's Cantina you'd probably get the idea that I am a big Star Wars nut.

I travel alot and I have lived in many places.. Here are the places that I have lived: Sudbury, Ontario; New York, New York (twice! Nice place to visit..); Perth, Western Australia; Townsville, Queensland; North Bay, Ontario; Fort McMurray, Alberta, Thunder Bay and Barrie. I was in Australia for about 9 years. I left because I like Canada better, it feels more like home to me and I love the changing seasons. That's not to say I won't return to Australia, I'd love to go back and spend some time there!

So, what kinds of things do I like? Well, I'm a big Star Wars nut as you might have guessed but I also like a little bit of Anime, mostly Miyazaki stuff and I have developed an unnatural fondness for several online comic strips including PVP, Sluggy Freelance (look for the election 'balls' strip. Funny!, Argon Zark and Sinfest (Viewer discretion advised. Can be tasteless).

As far as music goes, I like most stuff but my love is They Might be Giants. I have most of their CDs and my favourite songs are 'It's not my Birthday' and 'Meet James Ensor' although I like pretty much all of their songs. I've also discovered that I like some Nine Inch Nails, although I don't own one of their albums and I'll admit that Marilyn Manson isn't that bad. Other music I totally dig includes classics like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen and David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust era, especially). Sting and the Police also rock my world!

I used to read alot of comic books, but I don't any more. I still have all of my comic books and I really should finish my New Mutants collection one of these days. I have a bunch of cheezy superhero comics, and a decent run of Sandman books as well.

Incidentally, the New Mutants comic is where I borrowed the name Amara from. The original Amara Fox character was actually just that.. a character, quite unlike myself but as the fox became synonymous with Amy, I dropped the roleplaying and Amara merely became an extension of myself. I do still roleplay online, but mainly on Star Wars based worlds.

Of course, no 'About me' section on a web page would be complete without mentioning my cats. I used to have 2 cats.. Missy and Fidge. missy was given away to a great friend of mine and Fidge is living with my parents until i graduate from school. You can see photos of them on my photo page! Enjoy!

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