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This is the fine art gallery of Amaravisions. There are paintings and drawings in this area, most have been drawn from life and some are drawn from photographs. The subject matter varies from still life to artistic nudes and my cats. Enjoy!

Drawings & Sketches

Artistic Nude Funky Tree A sketch of a neat looking tree. Muskoka. Pencil
Bird on Elm stump A very quick study of a bird on an elm stump. Pencil.
Wild Flower Study of a Muskoka wildflower, Dog-Tooth Violet, I believe. Pencil.
Scratchboard Bear This is a sketch for a larger scratchboard piece for my class B&W
Tools and Trees And a bug for good measure. Drawn at the cottage. B&W
Missy A pencil crayon sketch of one of my cats, sleeping soundly. Monochrome.
Fragile in Death A sketch of a battered bird skeleton with matted feathers. Drawn from life. Pen & ink.
Claire Monochrome colour pencil sketch of a friend of mine from university in medieval colthing. From a photograph.
Artistic Nude - Arm and Back Study Shading exercise. I love the arm on this one. Charcoal and Conte on newsprint.
Artistic Nude - Angel Artistic nude male with some shading that gives the illusuioon of wings
Four Fingered hand and 5 toed foot A sketch of my hand morphed into Amara Fox's hand (One finger nuked) and a drawing of my foot. From Life (Well, with some improv on the hand). Greyscale.
Artistic Nude 5 A really neat figure study. I had to scan this in 4 parts. Conte on grey paper.
Artistic Nude 6 Really cool ink on paper effect. B&W
Artistic Nude 7 A semi abstract study of the female figure with ink on paper. I love this effect. B&W
Artistic Nude 1 This was a study of light and shadow. Drawn from life in a figure drawing class. Charcoal and conte on paper
Artistic Nude 2 A figure study with light and dark. Conte on paper.
Artistic Nude 3 Yet another artistic nude. Conte on Grey paper.
Artistic Nude 4 More of a line study, with some crosshatching and highlights. Conte on paper.
Female Face Drawn from life at my figure drawing class. Greyscale
Lizard Hunting A digital sketch of my hand. I added the lizard just for kicks! B&W
Gimme a Hand - Some hand studies. No, the Sistine Chapel look wasn't intentional. Colour.
Rocks pen and ink sketch from life.
Dandilion and Grass Drawn from life.
Sleeping Fidge A series of life sketches of my cat, Fidge. Greyscale.
Bird Foot A bird foot, drawn from life B&W
Serval A serval grooming itself. Digital sketch with photo reference. B&W
Fidge looking inquisitive - A crosshatching sketch of my cat fidge. From life I can't believe he actually stayed still long enough for this. B&W
Sleeping Fidge - my cat sleeping, drawn from life Greyscale.
Snoozing Fidge - Yes, he sleeps alot. From life. Greyscale
Dragon Bird - A skeletal study of a bird sized dragon.
Cat Skull A Biological illustration of a cat skull. B&W
Yawning Cougar A yawning cougar
Running Cougar A cougar running through the snow
Shire Stallion A pencil sketch of a real horse. Grayscale.
Raccoon with Baby Pencil Sketch.
Bobcat face. Pen and Ink.
Female Portrait A portrait of a nameless woman
Another Female Portrait Another portrait of a different nameless woman

Paintings etc.

Still LifeWeeds - Painter.
Slate in Payne's Grey An acrylic painting of rocks, based on a photo by my friend, and kick-butt photographer, Trina Turl. Colour.
Fruit and Candles Watercolour painting of a still life.
Realistic Fox Face A digital painting of a fox face. Colour. I used photo reference for this.
Eye See You Digital painting of an eye surrounded by firey red fur. Colour, Painter Classic
Blue Lizard - Digital Painting of a stylized Blue Lizard
Still Life A still life setup of some rather funky looking fruit. Watercolour.
Ram Skull This was an experiment in warm colours that I painted in high school. Everyone else painted something like a bowl of fruit or a bunch of flowers... I thought the Ram Skull was much more fun. Oil Painting.
Ratty Digital painting of a rat.
Horse Head A horse head created in painter Classic. Colour.

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