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Fantasy and Dragon art

Go to Dragon Art!This gallery contains my fantasy art. Most of this art is funny animal based, but there are a few humans and such scattered hither and yon. Some of my favourite art is drawn in a fantasy environment and my influences include Dungeons and Dragons and Willow.

Jump straight to art featuring Dragons and Fantastic beasts.

Goat Shaman Gecko-Jabberwocky - Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe... OK, so it isn't a big, scary Jabberwocky. Digital painting.
Draco-Gulo - This is the nasty critter that is responsible for the decline of flamingo gryphons everywhere. Dressed up ballpoint pen sketch.
Time Flies! - Most people do the evolution of man to represent time. I did the evolution of birds. Photoshop painting/Collage
Harold gets his Wings
Harold the polar bear dreams of wings and gets them. Pencil Crayon. Prints available, email for details.
Barnabus and the Honey Another winged bear, this time a brown/black bear. Pencil Crayon on Peterborough toned paper.
Book Cover - Hamlet - Designed for a class. Painter 6 and Illustrator.
Book Cover - A Midsummer Night's Dream - Designed for a class. Painter 6 and Illustrator.
Book Cover - Macbeth - Designed for a class. Painter 6 and Illustrator.
Lil Lyosha - The Gryphon broke me out of my artist block!
The Elephant's a Dainty Bird - Somehow this one got lost in the shuffle somehow.
Spotty Kitty and Dragon A sketch of a spotted cat sitting in a forest clearing with a little dragon. B&W. Available in the 'Starving Artist' portfolio!

Eastern Dragon
This was in the C-ace art show. Colour

Griffon Family
A trio of cute gryphons.
Rody the Rodent Rody, it's been a while since I've drawn him. Marker and pencil crayon. Colour.

Welcome to the Dead bird Head Guy show!
DBHG returns in a silly sketch. Pencil.

Lion Butt the Flamingo Griffon
The name comes from an artist commenting that it looks like a lion is crawling up the rear of the flamingo. he needed a name, so he got one. And the rediculous 'Lion crawling up his butt' appearance will stick *grin* Colour.
More Lion Butt the Flamingo Griffon sketches This is what happens when I start to develop characters.. and it's loads of fun. Greyscale.
Sitting Faerie A sketch that I plan on working on and finishing one of these days. A modern looking faery. Monochrome.
Pizzed orf Griffon Sketch of an angry looking griffon. Pencil and smudge stick.
Yawning Griffon and friend Some griffon scribbles from my sketchbook. Greyscale.
Duck Griffons based on some duck drawings I did at a wildlife preserve. Colour/pencils.
Felina Shadowstalker A drawing of the character I play in the RPGA 'Living City' campaign. Greyscale
Grey Cat Greyscale marker drawing of a cat girl.
Ook man A leaping/running ape guy. Inspired by Planet of the Apes. Greyscale.
Kain and Jen A commission piece of a pair o' cats. Colour.
Antelope Dragon A critter concept drawing, including skulls! Colour.
Kobold This nasty looking little guy is a monster from Dungeons and Dragons. Colour.
Nalryia A half-elf spy I played in an AD&D campaign. Greyscale.
Snicker Beware the halfling thief! Another roleplaying character. Greyscale.
Seriscey Another RP character, this time a Sylvan Elf ranger. Greyscale.
Horse Guy An anthro horse man in early spring. The tree in the foreground is drawn from life. B&W
Dead Bird head Guy The skull was drawn from life, decided to turn him into a shaman guy. B&W
Coloured Celtic Cougress Cougress from my Hunks n Babes portfolio.. digitally coloured.
Kitty Warrior A cool looking cat warrior. B&W.
What a Ram! Hunky looking ram guy. Part of my Hunks N Babes folio. B&W.
Snow Leopard Taur A piece for the AC 2000 art show. Hand coloured print.
Goat Shaman A goat shaman weaving up a spell.
Cougar Girl A cougar girl with some celtic designs behind her. Greyscale.
Oryx Oryx the oryx, contemplating something. Colour study
Barn Fight! Two young critters play fight in a barn. B&W
Required Reading A Work in Progress that I hope to finish early 2000. A Rat mage apprentice hitting the books. Greyscale.
Ha-HA! A cat pirate in a slightly more conventional cartoon style. Going for more action in my posing.
Sssisssk A female Lizardman shaman that i hope to play in an AD&D campaign one day. B&W.
Griffon Mage A Griffon weaving a spell. B&W
Ratstand A Boring pose, I was trying some different costuming. B&W.
Mini Mage I will call him.... Mini Mage. A cute anime-ish style cat mage. Colour
Raccoon Girl Raccoon girl sitting in a clearing. She has a cute face. B&W
Critters-in-a-tree Study of a funky tree that just needed to have some critters in it!
Ook! Gorilla guy! A pencil sketch of a planet of the apes type ape. I'm in the process of colouring this. Greyscale.
Sneering Rat - A Rat warrior with a nasty sneer. Colour.
Crowd Scene : This is a partial scan of a crowd scene I drew B&W.
Winged Cat - A winged cat curls up with a mouse. B&W
Rody vs the Tentacle Thingies- Rody the mouse finds a bad time to go swimming  B&W
Fierce Beauty - A character from an AD&D campaign, she's a human who was raised by dwarves. Colour
Badger and the Candle Dragon - A colour version of one of my favourite pieces from way back when. Colour
Singing Tiger He can't sing very well, but I dare you to tell him that!
Rody the Mouse Rody the cute medieval mousie. Colour
Faeries A pair of cats find a fairy glenn. B&W
Orcish Assasin - PG (Violence) An Orcish assassin after killing something. Colour
Cat Dance A flamboyant, dancing spotty cat. Colour
Eek the Rat! A rat burgler swinging away from a barrage of arrows. B&W
Sqonquesse Oh! Une belle sqonque de pew! With a sword.. Colour.
Pony Leader Medieval human leads a well burderned pony down a country path. Grayscale.
ap_ltaur.gif A cautious looking Liontaur. Colour. 1997
Saurid A brave Saurid warrior! B&W. 1996
Naaxla Abotu A togorian (with a tail, oops) character that I used to play online. B&W. 1997
Rainforest Tranquility Quoll girl in the rainforest. B&W 1996
Snakey guys Sinister, snake-like warriors in a dungeon. B&W 1996
Panda Girl This panda girl greets the viewer. B&W 1996
ap_frill.gifDreamtime Shaman. a frilled lizard shaman. 1996
Terror in the Vines! A feline warrior and his mount get a nasty surprise from above! B&W. 1996 Old But Good
Pass me another! A crowded Medieval Tavern. B&W. 1996.
Rat-on-a-rope It's a swinging rat warrior! B&W. 1996.
Rody meets Alexis Rody the mouse meets Alexis the Fox. B&W. 1995.
Leaping Lexy Alexis the fox in a generic action pose. B&W 1995.
Mouse Warriors! A pack of nasty, cute looking mouse warriors. B&W. 1995.
Curious Mice A pair of mice examining a wand. B&W. 1995 Old but Good
Newton A very dynamic drawing of a lizard morph leaping towards the viewer. B&W. 1995

Dragons & Fantastic Beasts

DragonI love to draw Fantastic beasts.. Dragons, Gargoyles, Gryphons. This section showcases these wonderful creatures, straight from myth to your screen. Most of my dragons are more bipedal and dinosaur-like than traditional dragons, what can I say? I'm a dinosaur nut. Enjoy!

Gecko-Jabberwocky - Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe... OK, so it isn't a big, scary Jabberwocky. Digital painting.
Dragon - Sketch of a dragon. Graphite.
Dragon looking at claws A neat little sketch. Pencil.
Canadian Dragon A silly sketch of a stereotypical, wingless, canadian mountain dragon. yay for Kraft Dinnah! B&W.
Snakey Dragon Weird, fuzzy dragon critter concept. Greyscale
Sammich Dragon A logo created for a gaming group. B&W.
Asian Dragon A curly, Asian-like dragon. Greyscale.
Flame tail dragon gecko A hand coloured version of the original. Watercolour.
DinoDragon A digitally coloured ink sketch of a Dinosaur/Dragon thingy. Color.
Christmas Dragon My Christmas 2000 drawing. A cute, red dragon with a santa hat! Colour.
Naked? A sketch of a humanoid dragon guy. B&W.
Pegasus A pencil sketch of a Pegasus
Ball Point Dragon A cute Dragon/Wyvern drawn with ball point pen.
Pondering.. A dinosaur like creature seeming to ponder existence itself. Colour
Dinosaur!Digital sketch/painting of a Dinosaur. Based on one of the various dinosaurs surrounding my computer.
Spiny Dragon - This was drawn during an 8 hour delay on a greyhound bus this christmas. It occupied me for about 15 minutes. Greyscale.
Flame Tail Dragon Gecko - This cute little guy could fit in the palm of your hand B&W
Prancing Dragon - A graceful, quadruped Dragon. Greyscale
Dragon head - Sketch of an unusual Dragon head, coloured in Photoshop
Draggin sketch A rather nasty looking dragon, kinda bulky. Greyscale.
Lots of little dragons A bunch of little dragons. Colour, monochrome.
Insect Dragon A dragon-like creature with an insectoid head. B&W.
Hatch Dragon A baby Dragon, with lots of crosshatching. B&W
Blue Dragon A wingless, blue dragon. Colour.
 Leopard Gryphon Semi Realistic Gryphon B&W
Sneaky Dragon A Sneaking Dragonoid. B&W
Gryphon Sketch A nifty crayola marker sketch of a gryphon. Colour
Baby Dragon Warning: Disgustingly cute. Grayscale.
Learning to Fly A baby griffin takes his first flaps into a larger world.
Spike the Snooze-a-saurus Sleeping Dragonoid. B&W.
Pounce! A wingless dragon leaping at a rodent-like creature. B&W
Hatchling A baby dragon hatching from an egg. B&W.
Dwagin A dragon hatchling in a play room. B&W
Wyvern Hungry looking Wyvern (armless dragon). B&W
Wise old Creature Something I drew whilst studying for a biochemistry exam. B&W

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