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Fox-Shark Drawings and Comics

Fox-Shark is one of those ideas that popped into my head at about midnight. She's basically my Amara Fox character with a shark fin on her back and a love of fast food. I've had a couple of Fox-Shark comic strips and pictures printed. There is only one Fox-Shark, no more. There's no indepth story behind Fox-Shark, she's just, well, fox-shark.

Comic Strips:
I have drawn a few comic strips featuring Fox-Shark. Some of them have actually been published! As with much of my older art, the comics are buried... somewhere! If you're looking for Fox-Shark comics, I have one page comic strips in the following comics:
Castle Hassle This Comic strip was published in Hit the Beach, by Radio Comix.
Hit the Beach #5 by Radio Comix
Katmandu #14 by Vision comics

Fox Shark Art
Gnar Fox shark triumphant!! She has found a hot dog. Colour.
Saucy Fox-Shark - Keeping with my surf vixen theme of 2003. Marker.
Fox Shark eats a hot dog - What more can be said? Graphite.
Velvet Fox-Shark An Iron Artist piece! I am iron Artist cute. Oil pastels on black velvet.
Surf Bobcat Ceri Bobcat is Mike Russell. She's surfing with Fox-shark, who looks terrified. Marker.
Fox-Shark goes on a Diet Fox-Shark dines on some sentient vegetables. Yummy. Colour.
Fox Shark 2002 Fox Shark for a new age, with less garish clothing. Colour.
Foxshark Vs 6Part of a draw off I did with another artist. Greyscale.
Table Tennis - Foxshark style An olympic themed commission for Michael Russell. Colour.
Weenie on a stick! Disgustingly Cute fox-shark piece.
Never Tease a Fox-Shark Waving a french fry at a fox shark is a bad thing (tm). Colour.
Super Deformed Fox-Shark a Kawaii fox shark done in super deformed anime style. Colour.
Fox Shark num nums Fox Shark has lunch. B&W
Roasted Ringtail on-a-stick A playful poke at this darn medecine shield trend that some funny animal artists seem to overdo. Fox-Shark.. gnar! B&W.
Beware of Fox-Shark Hand coloured version of the original Fox-Shark piece. Gnar!
Fox-Sharks Play Hockey. Drawn in a Sketchbook at a convention. Grayscale
Hysteria meets Fox-shark Hysteria Drew me, but she forgot one form of mine... fox-shark. :) Hysteria Julie Miyamoto B&W
Millie: Fox-Shark in Training. Mille (c) Rain Simpson. B&W
2 Minute Fox-SharkAn itty bitty fox-shark drawn in under two minutes. B&W
Fox-Sharks like Icecream! Gnar! Fox-Shark pauses for some ice-cream! Yummy! B&W.
Beware of Fox-Shark! This is what happens when I draw at midnight. This is the ORIGINAL Fox-Shark piece. B&W

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