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Arty Stuff

Many people online know me either for my funny animal or Star Wars art, but I do more than that. I love to sketch and to paint, although not all of those get online.

To create my artwork, I use a wide variety of media from pen and ink, watercolours and other traditional techniques to computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop and MetaCreations Painter.

Here are brief descriptions of each of the art sections:

  • New art - The most recent art added to my web site, or Occasionally a Star Wars piece or two.
  • Fantasy Art - Dragons, fantastic beasts and fantasy themed pieces reside here.
  • Non Fantasy Art - Miscellaneous art that isn't fantasy, pieces here include SF, contemporary themed or pieces that can't easily be pegged into fantasy.
  • Fine art - Pieces that aren't cartoony in nature including figure drawing, nature drawing and paintings from life and from photo reference.
  • Sketchbook - Mosrtly pencil or pen drawings in various states of unfinished. This section reflects my stream of conciousness art and includes alien and creature concepts as well as silly doodles.
  • Self Portraits - Drawings of my cartoon persona, Amara Fox, and cartoon representations of my real, human form.
  • Fox-Shark - Pieces devoted to my crazy character, Fox-Shark
  • Tributes and Requests - This is a fan art and commission section. I have pieces commissioned to me by others here as well as Care Bear and other non Star Wars fan art.
  • Star Wars art - This link will take you to my Star Wars gallery, which is located at Amara's Cantina
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