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You may be wondering why I draw myself as a fox. Well, there's nothing really special, I like foxes and I took up a character on a MUCK a while ago, drew it and, well, Amara the Fox became the definitive charicature of myself. People recognise it as being me, and so I've stuck with it. Amara is also a fun character to draw, especially with the Fox Shark character becoming popular. (Fox Shark has her own gallery.). The other moniker I go by is ArtyEwok, although she hasn't been drawn as often as Amara has. Enjoy. I also draw fangy human Amy a lot now. Rawr!

The artist as a chicken. Pencil.
Evil kitten of doom - Lyosha's cat attacked my arm. Graphite.
Real Amara Vs Cartoon Amara A fun poke at Pseudo realism. The realistic Amara threatens to bite off the cartoony one's fingers. Marker
Amara the Monkey Fox and Lyosha - Created in Adobe Illustrator.
Crazy Amara Fox Character study of Amara Fox. Pencil.
Amara in Frame A sketch of Amara coloured in painter.
The dark side of music. Some popular music drives me insane if it isn't played in moderation.
Amara Fox with snowball I'm trying out a new design for amara, some new markers and some new paper. Colour.
Amara Fox and Popple I got a popple for Christmas this year, it's very cute. A marker study on marker paper. Colour.
It's Me! A self portrait from class. i took a good 10 or so years off my face. The funny guy in the background is Matt. He was making faces in my mirror, so I thought I'd get some artistic revenge *grin*. Greyscale
Amara and autumn leaves A Marker study of Amara Fox jumping with exuberance into some leaves. Colour.
Amara the Wizard A sorting hat web site (Harry Potter) put me into Slytherin. Must be the evil streak :) B&W.
%^@% Mosquitos! Amara Fox foolishly venturing into a swamp without repellent. Greyscale.
Amara the Padawan A nice little change from Amara the Dark Jedi. Colour.
Sitting Amara Amara Fox, sitting and slouching and looking happy. Colour.
Funky Amara I may as well get trough the funky stage before I'm too old to pull it off. These are the most comfortable pants I've worn, I don't care how silly they might look. :). Watercolour.
Poor Visor! My Visor screen broke, but I am getting a new one. Yay handspring, your customer care rocks. B&W.
Bathing Beauty Amara Fox in a bathing suit, on a diving board. B&W.
You might be too canadian if... Kudos to whoever did this list originally! Amara Fox is too Canadian.. B&W
Amara with Sketchbook Amara Fox - Coloured by hand! Colour
Me and Fidge An anthro version of my cat and Amara Fox building a snowman.
Amara FoxSuper Deformed Amy A self portrait of Amy the Human... super deformed. This was for my bio on the Star Wars Fanboy Association web page. Colour.
Amara Maul At last we will reveal our pants to the jedi :) B&W
Vampire Fox The vampire Amara that was on my home page for Hallowe'en.
Amara in recline A reclining pose of Amara Fox, the cartoon representation of myself. Colour.
Amara at the beach Amara Fox making sand castles! Colour.
Crunchy Goodness! The cover for AmaraVisions 4: Crunchy Goodness. If you'd like to buy a copy, send me some email!
Amy the Punk I have been informed that nobody should be caught dead dressed in yellow, but hey.. I'd make a happy punk. Colour.
Where's the Cat? When I moved into my house, the cat kept hiding! Colour.
Hole in the Wall Amara the Dark climbs through a hole in the wall I rarely cross over with Star Wars and fur. This is a recent version of one of my first net aliases (Fox the dark jedi)
Nasty nasty - Amara the Dark Jedi lookimg most displeased.
Yeeeeeesss! My reaction to getting work for Star Wars Kids magazine! Colour
Oh Crud! Amy goes skiing and finds a drop off. Colour
Aren't you a little tall for an ewok? I have an ewok costume, here's a drawing of it! No, I don't have a tail or sharp teeth in real life. Colour.
Albany Anthrocon.. the virtual way! I couldn't go in person, so I chatted with IRC! Colour.
Amara goes to Philcon I went to Philcon in November. Colour
I only have eyes for you Comic strip that accompanies the 'new Eyes!' idea. B&W
Breakfast of Champions Coca Cola: Energy supply of students and computer geeks everywhere.
File This! Amy files her tax return. B&W
Walking Amy Cartoon style Amara. Blue pencil.
Amara and Squee Rat Squee rat getting bunny ears. Squee rat Charla Trotman. Colour.
Catscan Self Explanatory. :) Colour.
What Squadron? Who do we love? Rogue Squadron! B&W
Amara's Desk The artist at her desk. Colour.
Amara The Dark JediDrawn in Scotty Arsenault's Movie Sketchbook. Colour.
Snow! Ah, it's snowing in Canada. So here are my cat, myself and the white stuff. B&W.
 Ooh, tropical. Amy draws with Tropical Crayola Markers :) Colour.
Poor Book. The fourth in a series of AAC sketchbook sketches, Fox-shark chasing Gordon McVey's sketchbook home. Grayscale.
More World Domination ideas... Another installment in the World Domination thing.. we all have costumes! B&W.
Time to Take over the World! I plan to take over the world! :) One of those silly in-joke things :) B&W.
JFoxGlov and I JFox asked me to draw him, so I drew myself drawing him. B&W
Amara the Biologist! Amara goes frog hunting on a field trip. Pencil.
The original Amara! Me being a silly person, my first Self-Portrait. B&W.

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