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This is the gallery that holds my newest pieces of art! I generally keep about 20 pieces of art on this page so please view the other galleries to see more! Enjoy the artwork. Art of all styles and genres ends up here.

To see examples of my graphic design work, check out the design section.

Dragon GeckoFor my new Star Wars art, please go to Amara's Cantina. Which hasn't been updated in like a million years because of school. Aigh.

Gecko-Jabberwocky - Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe... OK, so it isn't a big, scary Jabberwocky. Digital painting.
Weeds - Painter.
Nummy Muffin Coco Butter - Neopets fan art of my cybunny. Ink & Photoshop
Flying Elephante - An Elephante from Neopets.
Elyse - A totally not cleaned up RPG sketch of a cleric I play. I r geek. Pencil on Character Sheet.
SMRT dragon and an Ewok. More totally not cleaned up sketches. Pencil on graph paper.
O is for Otter! - A childrens ilustration styled piece. Adobe Illustrator
A is for Alligator! - A partner piece to the O is for Otter. Adobe Illustrator
Draco-Gulo - This is the nasty critter that is responsible for the decline of flamingo gryphons everywhere. Dressed up ballpoint pen sketch.
Time Flies! - Most people do the evolution of man to represent time. I did the evolution of birds. Photoshop painting/Collage
The artist as a chicken. Pencil.
Piltaita and Aci - Con badges for M. Carpenter. Adobe Illustrator
Owlin' Good Time - An Owl flying over Toronto with a cup o' Joe. Adobe Illustrator
Kicking Koala - beware of Koalas Kicking Kumquats. Adobe Illustrator
A Quartet of Quolls Quietly Quilting - Does anything more need to be said? Adobe Illustrator.
Deeem - A Chicken goat. Pencil
Mochaccina - Drawn for Holly-Ann. Pencil
Mochaccina again- Drawn for Holly-Ann. Pencil
Lynx with paintbrush - Drawn for Conrad Wong. Pencil.
Fox shark triumphant!! She has found a hot dog. Colour.
Harold gets his Wings Harold the polar bear dreams of wings and gets them. Pencil Crayon. Prints available, email for details.
Barnabus and the Honey Another winged bear, this time a brown/black bear. Pencil Crayon on Peterborough toned paper.
Marianne the Surf Vixen - A saucy surf vixen. Coloured pencil. PG
Silverfish fine dining - Commission for John Q. Adam's silverfish gallery. Marker.
Greylocks and Shade - Two great friends being lovey dovey. Marker.
Saucy Fox-Shark - Keeping with my surf vixen theme of 2003. Marker.
Atara - Animation Cel style con badge Con badge commissions open Acrylic on acetate, watercolour and salt on paper.

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