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If you're looking for non medieval art, particularly of a funny animal bent, you've come to the right place. This is kind of my hodge podge directory, humans, funny animals and others in a non medieval setting.

Owlin' Good Time - An Owl flying over Toronto with a cup o' Joe. Adobe Illustrator
Kicking Koala - beware of Koalas Kicking Kumquats. Adobe Illustrator
A Quartet of Quolls Quietly Quilting - Does anything more need to be said? Adobe Illustrator.
O is for Otter! - A childrens ilustration styled piece. Adobe Illustrator
A is for Alligator! - A partner piece to the O is for Otter. Adobe Illustrator
Adam Anteater Silverfish fine dining - Commission for John Q. Adam's silverfish gallery. Marker.
Fallen Soldier - Give Peace a Chance. A tribute to those lost in war. Ink wash.
You Cannot Hug a Porcupine Book Cover - Watercolour.
You Cannot Hug a Porcupine Preliminary sketch for some illustrations for my Book Illustrration class. Pencil.
C-ACE con book cover The con book cover for C-ace. I may offer prints of this. Colour.
beach Vixen Cute vixen in a bikini on a dock. Colour.
Autumn Solace Amarafox looks over a Muskoka landscape. One of the pieces in the 'Starving Artist' portfolio.
Many Mumbling Mice A commission for a someone who sings in a choir. This is one of the warm up songs they use. Colour.
The Unhappy Bear A photoshop assignment, a sad bear in the style of a book cover. Colour.
World's Strongest Animal The Rhinoceros beetle is the world's strongets animal! marker and pencil crayon.
The Elephant's a Dainty Bird An illustration of a poem for an illustration class. The rhyme is from my grade 10 english book. Colour.
Bruins! Leafs! A sketch of Sully (Scotty Arsenault) and Amara (Me) stating who is the best hockey team. Greyscale
Wombat and Echidna Aussie animals enjoying a good beer! Pencil.
Fox Burglar An assignment where we had to illustrate a simile. I did 'The burglar was as cunning as a fox'. Greyscale.
Angry Girl with Pig Tails A computer comp for a Typography assignment. I ended up drawing this by hand for the final (The comp is better for display here, though). The final piece was in B&W, but I thought I'd jazz it up with some colour. This face is made entirely with letters! Colour.
Ferret Yin Yang A figurative mark for one of my graphic design classes. B&W.
CyberFox Cyberpunk themed fox guy with a cyber arm. Greyscale.
Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroo A cartoonish drawing of an annoyed looking 'roo. Colour.
Birth Announcement A card I designed for workmates for the birth of their son, Kevin Daniel. Congrats, guys! B&W.
Ack! A fox guy and a slimy alien, frightened by eachother. B&W.
One eyed, one horned, flying, purple, people eater Isn't it amazing how songs can get stuck into your head? Colour.
Cat Girls A friendly pair of cat girls, going for a walk. Colour.
Winking Moose Moose mascot for a website I'm working on. Colour.
Evil Moose A nasty looking Moose chasing an eggplant
You might be too canadian if... Kudos to whoever did this list originally! Amara Fox is too Canadian.. B&W
Vathuli A Star Wars Tabletop roleplaying character. Photoshop coloured pencil sketch. Colour
Happy Hallowe'en! Amara Fox handing out candy to Trick-or-treaters! Colour.
Basketball! A hyena and a cheetah cub playing basketball. Inked by Scotty Arsenault, pencils and colour by me.
Swoop Racer A feline swoop racer (Swoops being Star Wars hover bikes). Colour.
Sith Lizard A Photoshop coloured reptillian with a lightsabre. Very Cool.
Smoking Cat Surly looking cat with a cigarette. Greyscale.
Cat and Mouse - Just a disgustingly cute scene of a cat with a mouse. Colour.
Evil Space Ferret - An evil abino space ferret wants your raisins. Colour
Lil Cub - A partial scan of a watercolour painting for the Antrhocon art auction. Colour
Spotty Ferret - A ferret lass inked with a pen and lots and lots of tiny dots. B&W
Hole in the Wall - Amara the Dark climbs through a hole in the wall
Nasty nasty - Amara the Dark Jedi looking most displeased.
South Fur Lands #14 Look out kanga man! Aiee! :) Colour
Adam Anteater Adam, the punk anteater. B&W 
Don't Pick the Flowers - Disgustingly cute fox... Watercolour.
Mountain Air Stylized piece of a lizard-guy on a snowboard. Colour
Cosmodog Sparky the cosmodog! Colour.
Space Monkey Monkey in a space suit. Colour
Star Nosed Mole A cute, egg shaped Star nosed Mole. Colour.
Rat Girl A Rat Girl sitting on the grass. Colour.
Hey Frill! A cute frilled lizard stands in the desert. Colour.
Ozzy Rools An Aussie roo playing Aussie rules. B&W.
Rat Dance A dancing ratgirl. Very cute. Colour.
Anty The Anteater I wonder if this guy's related to Adam Anteater? Colour.
Anara Jen A feline Star Wars character I used to play. Colour
South Fur Lands The cover for South Fur Lands # 11.
Anty the Anteater. Same as one of the colour pics. He looks kind of sad. B&W
Yet another anteater Another picture of Anty the Anteater B&W.
Video Party Some Lazy animals enjoy a video party. B&W
A Dancing Ringtail A ringtail dancing with ribbons! Grayscale.
Christmas in a Petri Dish Christmas card sent to one of my Biochemistry profs in Australia. Colour.
Bird Seed? Hey, cats can't be smart all the time. Colour.
Telephone Funny. Another AAC sketch, this time from Gene Catlow's book! Grayscale.
Psychobunny! Psychobunny! Speaks for itself, I guess. B&W.
Smugglers A feline and human smuggler duo! B&W.
Trianii and the hologlobe Some Trianii see a hologram for the first time. B&W
Teddy for Trina! Teddy bear pic I drew for my friend Trina in a letter. B&W
Lab Rat A Lab rat.... quite cute B&W.
Piffle the Combat Hedgehog Er.. another silly thing like Fox-Shark. B&W.

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