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This section is devoted to other peoples' characters that I have drawn. Some of these characters are licensed (like the Care Bears), but most are other peoples' online personas or animal charicatures. In any effect, each character is to its respective owner.

Piltaita and Aci - Con badges for M. Carpenter. Adobe Illustrator
Nummy Muffin Coco Butter - Neopets fan art of my cybunny. Ink & Photoshop
Flying Elephante - An Elephante from Neopets.
Deeem - A Chicken goat. Pencil
Mochaccina - Drawn for Holly-Ann. Pencil
Mochaccina again- Drawn for Holly-Ann. Pencil
Lynx with paintbrush - Drawn for Conrad Wong. Pencil.
Care bear Marianne the Surf Vixen - A saucy surf vixen. Coloured pencil. PG
Basalt - A cute fennec character owned by Niki Foley. Adobe Illustrator.
Greylocks and Shade - Two great friends being lovey dovey. Marker.
Atara - Animation Cel style con badge Con badge commissions open Acrylic on acetate, watercolour and salt on paper.
Surf Bobcat Ceri Bobcat is Mike Russell. She's surfing with Fox-shark, who looks terrified. Marker.
Force Skeek - Lyosha as a poofy cute jedi. Graphite.
Lil Lyosha - The Gryphon broke me out of my artist block!
Tiger Character Sheet - Created on Commission - Pencil.
Amara the Monkey Fox and Lyosha - Created in Adobe Illustrator.
Ruggies Cover - Created for Terrence A. Yahn.
Harry Potter A study of Harry Potter on a broomstick. Marker on marker paper, colour. I love these books!
Melissa and Kyle - Happy Couple Cartoon animal versions of some newlyweds who are dear friends! Greyscale.
Wedding Fun! I met with some old friends at Mel and Kyle's Wedding. Greyscale
Dancing Serval Niall doing the Rasputin Dance.

Foxshark Vs 6Part of a draw off I did with another artist. Greyscale.
For McMoo Zonie shows the angels what he's got. A tribute picture for Michael Scot McMurray. B&W.
Harley Quinn A pencil sketch of the cute and sexy Harley Quinn from Batman: The Animated Series. Greyscale.
Harley Quinn, reclining Another pencil sketch of the cute and sexy Harley Quinn from Batman: The Animated Series. Greyscale.
Marble A sketch of Marble, from Scotty Arsenault's Heebas. Greyscale.
Birth Announcement A card I designed for workmates for the birth of their son, Kevin Daniel. Congrats, guys! B&W.
Table Tennis - Foxshark style An olympic themed commission for Michael Russell. Colour.
Sebulbasaur Bulbasaur pretending to be a pod racer. Cute, Colour.
Birthday Bear This was a Tshirt design drawn for my niece, Brittany. colour
Brightheart Raccoon A Tshirt done for my niece, Nicole. Colour
Albany Anthrocon.. the virtual way! I couldn't go in person, so I chatted with IRC! Colour.
Yebbo Yebbo, from Scotty Arsenault's 'Heebas' gets ready for some street hockey. Yebbo S. Arsenault, used with permission. Colour.
Amara and Squee Rat Squee rat getting bunny ears. Squee rat Charla Trotman.
What Squadron? Lindgold meets his match! Co-Starring: Rogue Squadron.
Lindgold gets smote. Lindgold Grant Preston. B&W.
What will we do tonight, Sully? Another installment in the World Domination thing.. we all have costumes! B&W.
I'm bored. Let's take over the world. Sully, Gene, Amara and Melskunk decide to take over the world! B&W
Viva Lasagne Stormdragon on his tour of Las Vegas, or 'Why Dragons don't have hair'. B&W

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