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Most of my drawings to not go as far as being finished, or they have so much life as a ketch that they remain this way. Here you will find sketches, alien and creature concept drawings and occasionally some miscellaneous art.

Ratman Elyse - A totally not cleaned up RPG sketch of a cleric I play. I r geek. Pencil on Character Sheet.
SMRT dragon and an Ewok. More totally not cleaned up sketches. Pencil on graph paper.
Girl from 'You Cannot Hug a Porcupine - Preliminary Sketch for a book.
Kid Fox from 'You Cannot Hug a Porcupine - Preliminary Sketch for a book.
Flying Armadillo One of my sketches that's leading towards a new Flying Armadillo logo. See the new logo here

Bird on Elm stump
A very quick study of a bird on an elm stump. Pencil.
Bruins! Leafs! A sketch of Sully (Scotty Arsenault) and Amara (Me) stating who is the best hockey team. Greyscale
Lion Butt the Flamingo Griffon The name comes from an artist commenting that it looks like a lion is crawling up the rear of the flamingo. he needed a name, so he got one. And the rediculous 'Lion crawling up his butt' appearance will stick *grin* Colour.
More Lion Butt the Flamingo Griffon sketches This is what happens when I start to develop characters.. and it's loads of fun. Greyscale.
Scratchboard Bear This is a sketch for a larger scratchboard piece for my class B&W
Antelope Dragon A critter concept drawing, including skulls! Colour.
Jumping Lizard Thing A painter sketch of a wingless dragon thing jumping over a log. Colour Monochrome.
Bear Thing A ballpoint pen sketch of a bear thing. Greyscale.
Prowler Critter Concept. Colour.
MonkeyGirl A series of sketches for a superhero creation. Greyscale.
Dead Bird head Guy The skull was drawn from life, decided to turn him into a shaman guy. B&W
Nyxambi Final design of the Nyxambi aliens that I have designed. Monochrome colour pencil.
Womprat (Star Wars) A pencil sketch of a Womprat. there have been so many different versions of Womprats drawn that i kind of amalgamated all of the traits. This little (!) guy will be green in colour if and when I eventually colour him, like the Super Star Wars Womprats. Greyscale.
Waving Creature An unusual creature. Painter sketch.
Yaaarp! Critter concept of an avian/dinosaur type of thing. Greyscale.
Icky Monster Dude A pencil drawing of an unusual monster concept. Greyscale.
Aril and Xiir Sketches of some alien species that I have created.
Four Armed Alien This is a concept sketch of an unusual, tribal looking, four armed alien.
Claude A drawing of a weird alien/reptile/feline critter who I named 'Claude' for no particular reason. Colour.
Dinosaur!Digital sketch/painting of a Dinosaur. Based on one of the various dinosaurs surrounding my computer.
Alien things A sketch of some weird aliens. B&W
Ook! Gorilla guy! A pencil sketch of a planet of the apes type ape. I'm in the process of colouring this. Greyscale.
Leaping Creature - A Concept sketch of a weird rodent like creature. Colour
Weird Beastie - This is an odd creature that was inspired by 5 viewings of the new Star Wars Movie. Colour.
Dragonbird This is a skeletal study of a dragon bird based on the skeletal structures of a bird and a bat. Influenced by my biological past. Greyscale
Smy-lee guy I was just messing around with an idea for an alien. Greyscale.
Flying Thing A prehistoric bird-like creature. Colour.

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