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Logos and corporate identity

Logos and identity are a big part of design. Here are some logos that I have created for myself or for school work.

Flying Armadillo Productions

Flying Armadillo Productions
This is the new identity for Flying Armadillo Productions, my design company. I chose a whimsical design that fits my personality and the personality of my work.

Logos - process, Greyscale and Line art
Applications of the Logo - Letterhead, Envelope and business Card.
Tshirt, mug and mousepad applications are available for sale here.

DinoMartThe DinoMart stuff is cool. For a project we needed to create a hypothetical company and then do the whole corporate identity.
Logo - Illustrator
Letterhead and envelope - Illustrator
Business card - Illustrator
Pencil case set - Illustrator, Streamline
School bag - Illustrator, Photoshop
T-Shirt - Illustrator

Ferret Yin-Yang - A figurative mark. Pen and Ink.
Angry girl with pigtails - A face made out of letters - Illustrator
The Phantom Planet - Redesign of a movie logo. Illustrator.

Visit - neat, small web browser
Token geekism button.