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Some of these links may have links to, or contain a small amount of, some mature material. I can't guarantee that some of the unmarked sites may not have added some mature content since the last time I've visited. All of these links have been chosen because of their interesting content and not for the rating of their content


New!denotes a new link.
Mature Content denotes a link that might contain mature content

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Artists' homepages.

The following pages belong to artists, and the artists are listed in alphabetical order by surname or alias, whichever I have. The subject matter on these sites ranges from fantasy to SF to anthropomorphics (furry) art. Potentially mature content is marked, so you don't burn your eyeballs without warning. I only link to sites that contain mature subjects if they have warnings, so if you see a site has removed their warnings, do let me know!.

Chipmunk Gallery: Eugene Arenhaus' Online [Divine] Presence Site Beautiful computer art.
New!Scotty Arsenault Commander Kitty comic by Scotty Arsenault
Den Beauvais An incredibly cool site with incredibly cool art. Den has a lot of interesting experimentation on his site, and artwork ranging from traditional media to digital. very versatile artist!
Kev Brockshmidt kev's Cartoons is a well designed site with excellent cartoons. Kev's Cartoons have appeared in several magazines. Cool, fun and energetic!
Matt Busch Matt is an incredible artist and a really nice guy. His homepage showcases art from his comic, his Star Wars art, a tour of his studio and more. Well worth a look!
Gene Catlow's Web Page
Genesis Eve Cook-Whitmore
Joe Corroney Excellent Star Wars and comic artist. Check out his site!
Kim DeMulder Excellent fantasy/comic illustrator and really nice guy.
Freefall Mark Stanley's awesome comic strip.
Gordon's little foxhole Gordon McVey's homepage. He does some groovy art.
Some mature ContentAndre Heinonen - A great artist based in europe.
Derek Henderson - Very cool fantasy artwork. His site also features an extensive listing of other artists and is well worth a look!
Quinton Hoover Illustrator whose work has appeared on Magic cards. A very cool fellow as well, with a delightful style.
Lisa Kuprijanow's Homepage. Complete with adorable cartoon strip.
April Lee April's site is chock full of amazing illustration. She works in the video game industry and has also done art for many CCGs. Well worth a long, inspiring look!
New!John Rausch - Comic book colourist, great guy with some great tutorials on his site
Some mature ContentBrian Vigue - Brian's Vigistry page has comic style illustrations, and some very neat dragons.
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Artwork and story archives.

Here are some links to art archives that I have found. Some of the archives contain some adult material, so please browse with caution if you have children or are easily offended. has the best anthropomorphic artist index I've seen! Heck, its Da best on the Whole Wide Web. All G rated too!
Some mature ContentElfwood - This gallery hosts over 1000 fantasy artists and a couple of hundred SF artists and writers. The vast majority of the art on this site is G-PG but there is some nudity.
New! - The cream of the crop of fantasy art on the web. Go here and get inspired, or get wowed.

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Pages I can't Pigeon-hole

The pages listed below are pages with content I haven't categorised, or content that spans a wide variety of interests. Specific interest sites of which I only have a few links are here as well. :)

Computer Stupidities Funny computer stories. You'll laugh til you stop. ;)
Things people said Sometimes the english language can be confusing...
Translate! The altavista translator. Hours of fun.
mature ContentPerpetual Bubblewrap Waste time with this.. you'll need flash installed. Watch it, though, the rest of the site contains some very mature content.
Abandoned Missle Silo Tour - While on the nuclear subject, here is a very cool site with the tour of a nuclear missle silo. I bet these guys are glowing!
The interactive Ego Booster A tribute to the original ego booster, which has vanished from the face of the net.
Dr Toast's Amazing World of Toast! - A site devoted to... toast!
Internet Anagram Server Local Isle History!!!
mature ContentThe Spark Polls, surveys, fun stuff. This site is not meant for children!

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Comics, cartoons, TV and general SF/F sites.

Subdivided for your viewing pleasure, comics, cartoons/TV and SF/F sites.

Comic books and strips.

Player Versus Player An awesomely funny Online comic strip
mature ContentSinfestFunny, oft tasteless, sometimes cute and always somewhat philisophical. Viewer Discretion Advised.
Flying Monkey Comics : UK based comic book small press thingy, online comic strips.. incredibly cool (You have to love anything that has a flying monkey for the logo!)
New!Commander Kitty - Scotty Arsenault's web comic
LSH.Org Legion of Superheroes! :)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Dark Horse Comics
DC Comics
Usagi Yojimbo Dojo
Argon Zark! A very very cool online comic book.
Freefall Mark Stanley's awesome comic strip.
Sluggy Freelance Worship the comic.
Tavicat Comics The Home of Reality Check
Reality Check Just say NYA! This is a fun site.

Cartoon and other TV sites.

Sesame Street/CTW Online! Fun site with cool games, make your own storybook and parenting stuff. the games are the best :)
Muppets Everyone loves muppets!
The Hayao Miyazaki page
Nelvana Studios - Canadian Animation Studio.. fun stuff and grownup stuff too!

General SF/F links:

The Official Magic: The Gathering Home Page
Wizards of the Coast
The official Star Wars Website Come here for your Star Wars fix!
Star Wars Kids A Kid friendly official Star Wars site with cool games and stuff!
Rebel Friends Unoficial Star Wars Kids website!

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Online stuff inc. MU* clients, message boards etc

Hissyfit A site full o' rants and the Bad Teen Novel.
New!Pens n' Pixels - Comic/art message board, great crts for all styles.
Neocolours - Neopets message board.
Jedi Council Star Wars themed message board
Star Wars MUSH A text based Star Wars roleplaying game online!
MUSHclient A program that you will need to play Star Wars MUSH or other text based games.
MIRC resource center

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Web & art tutorials & reference

New!Pens n' Pixels - There's a great colouring tutorial here.
Designs by Mark Excellent resource for tutorials on Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Web Design!
Webmonkey A great starting point for people wanting to learn web pages.
Some Mature ContentElfwood This art archive has a section on drawing, painting, colouring and other tutorials. Very Cool. (Some mature content in the gallery).
Wacom. The makers of my nifty tablet have a cool tutorial section on their site.
Web Pages That Suck How to construct web pages that don't suck :)

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