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About Me

Me!So, you want to know what I look like? Cool! Here's a gallery of photographs from my childhood to somewhat recent. There are very few photos of me that are less than a year old, but I do try to keep this updated!

Photo gallery sections:

Myself, Friends and family

I open my toys Me opening a vintage ewok. The card was in bad condition anyway.
Oooh.. Ewok! I have the pack open and I stare at my liberated ewok in awe. Warok, I love ya man!
Star Wars Photo Session Photo by Brent Linton, I ahd a bunch of photos taken for the New York Times a while ago and Brent gave me permission to post some of the pics.
A-loh and its mommy This is me with my furby, A-loh. A-loh now sleeps on top of the microwave. I should wake it up and spook the cat with it :)
Nicodemus and Friend Nicodemus the skull and I at a party.
My Ewoks! All of my plush ewoks except Latara.
My sister and her Husband This pic was taken on their wedding day. Congrats, Janie and Michael!
Newsweek Photo Session - In December, 1998 I was photographed for an article about Star Wars fans for newsweek magazine. Unfortunately the photos and my part of the interview didn't make it to print. This is one of the proof shots from the photo session. Photo by Nigel Dickenson.
Me 'n' Trina - I have known Trina since kindergarten and she's still my best friend. We can go without seeing eachother for years and then start where we left off. I think we're still 13 when we're together :)
Snowww! My friend Trina brushing snow off her car.. this is taken seconds before she shoved a handful of snow down my shirt :P
Amy and her Mommy Taken in 1997, this is myself giving my Mom a huge hug.
If Arthur can do it... Taken at Disneyland in January, 1998. This is the only Disneyland pic of mine that suvived a catastrophpic film loading session :)
Uh oh! Stormtroopers! It looks like my rebel days are over! January, 1998
Look out! She has an Anti-Tank Missile Launcher! Yes, that's a real missile launcher. :) July, 1997.
Mentos: The Freshmaker! A picture of myself doing a goofy Mentos pose at Santa's Village, a cheezy little theme park I used to go to alot when I was a kid. August 1997.
Hey! *Oof!* I _dig_ *ergh* Klingon Bloodwine! Or 'Why you shouldn't wear a Star Wars Tshirt to a Paramount themed Park. Canada's Wonderland, August 1997.
The Cottage Me sitting on a rock, with the cottage in the background. August, 1997. Scotty Arsenault and I My good friend Scotty Arsenault and myself at Confurence 9 in January, 1998
Double Vision A pair of Amaras, Me (on the left) and Amara Telgemeier (on the right). Taken at CF9, January 1998.
Gen and Amy Genesis Cook-Whitmore and myself, also at CF9 in January 1998.

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Places I have been, things I have seen.

Life Sized Dragon Skeleton This is awesome.. a life size skeleton. Taken at GenCon 2000.
Dragon head Some sculptors making a dragon head out of clay. Taken at GenCon 2000
Over the Bay Me with the hills across from San Fransisco in the background. I'd love to go back, the SF bay area is lovely!
Funky bridge Myself on a bridge at the japanese Gardens in Golden gate Park
Me and the Sphynx Another pic from San Fransisco
Eek! a Cliff! Me sitting on the edge of a cliff, up here in Thunder Bay.
Golden Gate Bridge at sunset A photo of me in San Fransisco in front of the Golden Gate bridge. It's kinda dark, but at least I can say I was there!
Golden Gate Bridge at sunset 2 Another shot at a slightly different angle.
The Pronovost cottage In 1983, my parents bought a cottage on Lake Muskoka. We had this until we moved to Australia in 1988... but it feels like yesterday. When we went to the cottage in the winter of 1983, there was so much snow that we had to use our skis to get to the door!
The cottage in the fall. Our cottage, not covered in mountains of snow.
Amy at Lake Muskoka This is a picture taken at the place I spent all of my childhood summers, Lake Muskoka. Up on the rocks to the left of the picture is the Shrine of the Millenium Falcon. August, 1997.
The Shrine of the Millenium Falcon This is all that is left of the Millenium Falcon my brother and I had when we were little. It has been on those rocks for about a decade now. A moment of silence, please, for all of the abused toys of my youth.
Sunset on Lake Muskoka The most beautiful things about Muskoka are the glorious sunsets and watching a thunderstorm roll across the lake. Here's a sunset for you.
Beaver Bay When I was little, we used to call this Beaver Bay, because there used to be some beavers that lived there, but I don't think there are any more.

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My Pets

spikeStar Lily - Queen of the Castle! This is a photo of my pet rat, Star Lily. She's a cutie.
More Star Lily Yet another Star Lily Pic.
Fidge This is a photo of my cat, Fidge.
Missy I have a new cat called Missy. She's incredibly fluffy and cute :)
Mmmm.. Ewok My cat, fidge, deciding he has a taste for Ewoks
Fidge This is my cat Fidge, when he was a kitten. He's the most cuddly cat in the world. He's also hyper as anything.. eesh.. watch your legs!
Spike Spike is an Australian cat, but he was brought to Canada when we moved back. This is him in Australia, looking hungrily at my Budgies.. Twit and Pi.

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Costuming Pics

Ms Maul This is my Darth Maul costume that I wore for Hallowe'en in 1999. I painted my own face for this and alot of kids mistook it for a mask until I spoke.
Facial Detail of Ms Maul A closeup of my face in the above picture.
Beware of Ms Maul Another shot, this time closer and inside my house. The pic is cut off a little because it was the last one in a roll of film.
Jar Jar likes They Might Be Giants A photograph of me in a costume store in the Mall of America pretending to be Jar Jar. I want that mask!
Ewok - This is a photo of my ewok costume. If you'd like to see more pics of this costume, come over to the about the proprietor section in Amara's Cantina.
Amy-Shark! I have a sharkfin, but not the Fox costume to go with it.. so here is an Amy Shark! Gnar!
Hey! Tenderheart Bear I got to be a care bear for a day, or for a few minutes. This is me in the costume.
Scotty and Tenderheart! Scotty Arsenault meets Tenderheart bear!
Yup.. that's me.. Aiee! The care bear has no head!

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Really, really old pics

A Star is Born! Aww, wasn't I a cute baby?
Amy's first Care Bears This photo was taken on Christmas Morning, 1983. I was 8 years old and I still have those Care Bears 15 years later.
Scott and Star Wars This is my little brother, Scotty, on Christmas morning, 1981, with his new Star Wars toys! I wasn't really interested toy-wise until ROTJ. In 1981 I was a grrlygrrl until about age 7... bleah!
Scotty again! Same Christmas morning. He really loved those toys. :)
Ahh! Tomboy Amy :) Another Christmas morning, 1985. This is me showing off my new GT Sno-Racer and my Grimlock Transformer! Alright! Grimlock smash!
And on the subject of old toys... This picture was taken on Christmas morning, 1983. Note the ATAT, Jabba the Hutt, Tie Interceptor and Slave I scattered around the room. The cute little girl is yours truly at 9 years of age, and the boy is my little brother, Scott, when he was only 7. The discolouration of the image is from the picture itself, the roll of film was forgotten about for 12 years.

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